100 Days Of Discipline

100 Days of Discipline: Day 1

Welcome to 100 days of Discipline.  I invite you to create your own version and join me.

For I? It will be 100 days of researching.. As a person described with “Severe A.D.D” (+ incredibly low confidence) and applying what I will learn about discipline to my life to overcome distraction and build unstoppable mental strength. Sharing tips and tools you can use in your own journey, in between.. My motto is if I can do it, so can you. I’ve always said I wanted to be able to teach others. But to lead, you must lead by example. Your life cannot be a mess.

What I’m declaring here is greatness. What I’m declaring is finally choosing me.

30 minutes of meditation a day. 30 minutes of reading a day (or 10+ pages) – will be the backbone of my discipline-building.
Any recommendations you have. Any research I come across that points me in another direction to look at I will be getting my hands on.

I will be asking everyone I can, everywhere, “What has led you to be able to have a more disciplined life?” “What are your best strategies for discipline”?, etc.

But that hour will be consistent.  I believe too much in the power of meditation. And the confidence that knowledge gives you. I truly believe, combined with physical exercise, getting some Vitamin D – is it depression’s kryptonite. S/O Superman and WOMAN. She’s cute. Jk not supposed to objectify.

Meditation + Reading + A lil Vitamin D + Creating (living true to yourself) = goodbye depression, in ultimate simplicity. But really, the first 3 pretty much ensure your mental strength so it will make it impossible to not be inspired to create anyway. And if you want to be inspired to create – immediately grab “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield followed by “Turning Pro” after you complete that.

Blah Blah 


This is it. May 29th, 2018 to September 6.

Not every day I will blog but I do aim to be part of Taylor J of FocusMate’s 10K word Monthly Challenge if he decides to do another one. I participated for the first time this month, and may make 3500. Not bad considering I’m pretty sure that’s more than I’ve written the entire year prior to having a challenge, or having FocusMate.

The Start

I was influenced by going online to research ideas for a toastmaster speech, do something called “The Ice-Breaker”.

One young woman’s video – clearly very shy, was telling an extremely detailed vulnerable story of who she is. She didn’t spend much time on the self-deprecating parts (though the points hit home), it was mostly inspiring because of how passionately she talked who she was going to BECOME. How she grew up always being called the shy girl. Some really devilish comments – going through trauma of her own friends outcasting her with terrible words on her shyness, as a young girl. Stuff that for some people, they would be incapicated to a life of living with their label of permanently ‘shy’. She chose differently, though. And that’s what I wanted to do here. Identify my weakness, that I’ve had the fortune of honest friends to help with (discipline, focus, commitment) – its never fun to look at these things – and decide to move forward toward possibility. It’s actually verrrry exciting once you get past the self-created drama and identifying your weakness. After, you can spend all your time toward winning.

So she decided she is going to go on a journey to change, and ignore her trauma. It was courageous as hell, and she was only 18! She dedicated a full year of overcoming shyness, entitled “The Shyness Project“. As I saw this WordPress blog linked, I assumed like many she must have made a few posts here and there and not completed an ambitious 365 day project & review. Very happy I was to be wrong. Reading how her college classmates analyzed her as a completely different (but still valued the beautiful qualities about her that were inherent in her introvertedness – almost brought tears to my eye). She could still be appreciated as a loving sincere kind person and be confident at the same time.

She went from:

My future looked bleak.  Others knew me to be a high-achieving, confident, model student, but underneath it all I feared I wasn’t going to have the courage to live the life I wanted to live.  I was going to end up playing it safe and compromising my dreams for safety and security.  I was going to live a “shy” life.

That. Hit. Me

I was going to live a “shy” life.

And Yes, it is still a struggle, but not as much when you make the decision that it won’t be.
She did it. I know I can.

What I Aim To Do

I was going back and forth on what to call this challenge, the amount of work I was going to do, how long the challenge length would be. All pretty petty meaningless details except to just start.

That’s a key for a lot of things in life, I’ve noticed. Or at least it’s the strategy I’m using excessively almost to an offense. Just starting. Figuring out as we go along. Isn’t that what humans have been doing since the beginning of time? How else do you accept a job offer where there are qualities and responsibilities you’ve never had? Stay stagnant, or start on something that makes you seem like you’re saggin. Gotta be willing to look and be a chump at the beginning. Take pride in it. You’re human.

This is the background.

All my life I have started things and then quit. I just needed something to say “O.K you can do anything you put your mind to”. Something I accomplish.

My goal for the challenge as I mentioned: 30 mins meditation daily, 30 minutes reading. Originally it was to meditate for an hour but I decided that would be more of a chore rather than complimentary to my workflow. This, however is a sweet balance and will motivate me to do more focusmate sessions as well. It already has.

Just 10 pages of reading a day for 3 months is 1000 pages, and approximately four books. That alone, is beautiful to me. TEN pages! I never did the math until this challenge came along.

I want to turn back to the beast, people have told me that I sporadically am, and can act like, throughout my life. Recently I had vented for a longggggg post in a book club family I am in. Ran by Miss Be, an unbelievable life coach and friend. Her best friend, who runs Kisima By Bernie, and is a mental health expert and social worker, took out her time to send a four minute voice message that inspired and touched me (After seeing my long vent message). She reminded me: of my greatness.

I’m not sure – I actually don’t think I would be writing this post without that voice message, and her genuine belief that I can do what I’d like and inspire anybody – that day. Sometimes you just need that ONE person to care.

I’m going to feature her intro video because I’m thankful of not only what she did – I want to spread her spirit to everyone. And know she is going very very far.  Her soul I feel is so pure and I was blessed to receive her inspiration. Subscribe if you like it!

Added Tool and Schedule Blocking

A tool for you.

Another thing I plan to do during my 100 days of Discipline is a trick I learned from Cal Newport via his book “Deep Work”.

This is blocking out the schedule of my day per hours. But I will explain later why its not ordinary
Every single minute technically is blocked out. But easily through hours. For me, such as 9 AM – 11 AM – finish blog post. 12 PM – 3 PM – gym + chores. He gives very specific instructions to improve your time blocking which I appreciated and works for my A.D.D.  Mostly that, at the beginning mentions  you will DEFINITELY be underestimating the time it takes for a task to get done (but not to worry, as you will obviously get better). This is key to me because it eliminates self beat-up, maximizes instant attention and really your success for the day. You’re PURELY focusing on success. Not that you went 20 minutes over because you didn’t anticipate certain events, with a task.

Basically give 30 minutes slack to every semi-big task , like a blog post that may require more time than you usually anticipate. And this way you don’t have to readjust your schedule too much. This is the gist.

He says

When you’re done scheduling your day, every minute should be part of a block. You have, in effect, given every minute of your workday a job. Now as you go through your day, use this schedule to guide you

What I want to stress is this is a guide. NO BEATUP! I look forward to adjusting the schedule like once a day, because I know its okay, and that just the PRACTICE of scheduling out my day will lead me to getting a HELL lot more done than I have in the past. Just today, it has led me to be much more conscious. I’m excited as f*** if you can’t already tell.

So yes. I highly recommend this book. It’s completely helped me revamp where I place my time priorities. Go get it.

With all that being said, justthank you for listening and good luck on your productivity and self-growth, self-worth, journeys! Choose you to love. F* everyone else. Just kidding. but seriously – choose yourself because within that IS choosing everyone.  You get to go. I’m finally deciding I get to go and am as worthy and as every single other person out there. Now I can finally live my purpose. Hopefully my journey inspires you to live yours. Love

Shawn Pretzel. 🙂 <3

P.S This is really a brain-consciousness stream of thinking, with some organization. I think as I go along I’d like to develop like specific images for my blog posts catered to days of discipline, and whatnot. Becoming more organized. But I’m not going to worry too much beyond the basics.

My biggest task within the next week though? This Sunday I have my first toastmasters speech of the year. I need to dedicate tons of time to writing and practicing. Defeating my shyness , this will be a cornerstone of it. I’m too shy / conscious to even practice at home, so this is a large stretch for me to dedicate myself intensely to it. Again, FocusMate will be my best friend to achieve this. All the great people I’ve met on the site holding each other accountable. If you haven’t read about it, by the way, read about it on LifeHacker here.

P.S holy shit once you declare you want something does the universe give you the answers! (P.S.S only if you keep keep going at it and SINCERELY are looking for the answers/resources/and tools, and not drowning in your own self-pity). WE CAN CHANGE. Let’s be change.

P.S.S.S reminder to self: Hopefully through this all I can improve my communication skills. Verbally – is most important to me. But written is extremely helpful as well. Messaging and marketing is intensely important to me, and I want people to get something, from my message. Eventually this won’t just be rambling. There will be non-journal posts designed to improve people’s lives more fundamentally – or posts that are quickly inspiring and easily browsable. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Lol. I will aim for it. I’m here to stretch! So why not right? Outty. Gotta be professional and flex at some point. Why not start now? 😛


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