1000 Dreams Project

My original written mission in creating dreampreneurs was to “Help the dreams of 1000 entrepreneurs come true” or 1000 dreams period. To me, this became a bit overly ambitious and I think it has to start small. Though I still love this number as the overall goal.

For now I want us to solidly go for 50. ‘If the dreampreneurs organization didn’t exist, these 50 certain dreams wouldn’t be here or where they are at, today”. That, I would be very proud of if we can accomplish.

If you need help with a dream (or know someone who does) email me at shawn[at]dreampreneurs[dot]org and I’ll see what resources I can connect you with or how we can make it possible!

We’ll start at one per month, starting October 2020. When a dream is accomplished, thanks to our community / the page will be updated with an X below next to the corresponding month.

[ X ] October 2020
[ ] November
[ ] December

Also, we will go for a goal of 5 goal declarations from our community for each month and keep them on corresponding months pages.

This will be the page for October. Here’s November.

To help facilitate this we will start doing monthly dreampreneur meetups online.

Another Project — 1000 Gestures

Another project that will coincide with 1000 Dreams (which is really 50 dreams, because we want to make it reachable)… is “1000 Gestures”

It is a program where we keep track of the nice unexpected things others do for us and we do for others. It could be random acts of kindness. Or even something really nice you see someone else do for a 3rd party. Our goal is to have 10 people tracking their own list of 1000 gestures. We have a Facebook community to share tidbits of particularly inspiring gestures we see. Eventually it will be 10,000 gestures, 100,000 or even a million gestures. But the point is simply to be able to bring a little more love and recognition of the greatness already going on in our lives and the world.

To make it a little bit more fun and in the process, we may become more open to the world and the world becomes more open to us.