October Goal Declarations

  1. SP: Go out daily Oct 1-8 (Thursday to Thursday) for a walk/stroll at least 30 minutes. ( I did for 4 days: . New goal: Oct 15 to 28 — be out for an hour day. Refreshes the mind).
    (Update: WIN . Have been going out daily)

2. DM : Land job .
(In addition to moving into new house) (Update: WIN. House progress & good attitude)

3. RP : Intermittent fasting for the month, 11-7 pm window.

4. MW : Swim for 4X/Week Starting by Week of Oct 12 (Swim all of October)

5. PP: Get down to below 170 lbs. (Update: WIN. Got to like 170-171.. Aiming to keep it off while relatives visit)