April Dreampreneur of the Month: Kit Pang

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I am happy to announce Kit Pang as our first entrepreneur of the month, and first feature overall in our blog. 
Often, I will wait for inspiration to write, and this was something that stood out RIGHT in front of me to give me the push I needed to start up the blog. An entrepreneur literally flooding the Boston market with value-JAMMED events, left and right. You can’t avoid it. Kit Pang, the founder of BostonSpeaks, is doing an amazing job. Congratulations.

Kit Pang, founder of BostonSpeaks

I first “met” him on an online webinar that featured Sue Zimmerman, Amanda Healy, and Ronald Couming for the #BostonSpeakSeries on “Social Media Success”. Sue especially has been creating quite the buzz and is a prime example of a person who has found her ONE thing and just nailed and nailed and nailed down at it. Now, for her effort, she is the woman people first think of in Boston when they need an InstaGram expert. And you can bet she is being paid the proper price tag for it. It’s the way you present yourself. And CONSISTENTLY provide value. It’s not easy. It’s TONS of work. Even though she is the IG expert – you cannot put your eggs all in one basket. The reason she can make it work is because she has ALSO mastered proper email marketing and sales funnels on her website. It doesn’t hurt that she is quite the communicator and networker. BUT – my point I am making here in Kit’s article is very important – Yes you want to focus and master one thing — but you must ALSO have many skills that help you advertise and market and create SALES for that one thing. Or have the team that HELPS you with that aspect. Without sales, we are nothing.

Following the leads of people like Sue is why I created this blog. To explore how to replicate that level of success and document it myself in my own journey. I’m sure a similar reason Kit created BostonSpeaks. It’s an absolutely wonderful platform bringing SO many like-minded entrepreneurs and experts together. But with a FUN energy. That’s what stands out to me.

Kit reminds us that entrepreneurs can and SHOULD have fun. Why else are we our own bosses? It’s certainly not because we enjoy boredom. Kit sets the precedent and brings that infectious spirit that allows the speakers & panelists to feel comfortable in THEMSELVES & also have fun while providing value. And believe me he makes SURE incredible value is provided & that you take away something amazing from every single series or session – despite it being usually free.

Speaking of that, you don’t want to miss out on the professional development week chockfull of workshops that corporations would usually spend thousands of dollars to send their employees to. Instead, we get that opportunity free.

There are 4 tracks of classes you can choose from.

Instantly I was excited to see the “Communication Track”, like it was some serendipity in my life to receive this email and invitation to the workshop – as I am trying to improve my verbal and written communication skills as much as possible.

These two classes ESPECIALLY caught my eye. Hope to see you there. Sign up here.

Find Your Writing Voice – Link


Becoming A Confident Public Speaker, Turning Fear Into Courage – Link
(check out the links for detailed information on the workshops!)

Take care, and check it out before it sells out.

Til next time.

And stay tuned for way more events from BostonSpeaks. He/they are always on the pulse, as they just finished their #PowerOfInfluencers Speaking Session this past Friday.

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