May Dreampreneur of The Month: Taylor Jacobson of Focusmate

This is an easy one.

What am I doing right now? I’m in a focusmate session. Creator Taylor Jacobson, also runs a 10K Word challenge, semi-annually. And the proof is in the pudding. Combining the 10K challenge with the accountability of a live person working, thanks to Focusmate (whether it be someone from Montreal to Costa Rica to India), I have been able to write two articles in just a week. Before that? One article in 4-6 months on my blogs. A severe drought.

The last thing I really consider myself passionate about is writing, yet here I am. Thanks to this genius’s tool & website. I have hope again in my productivity. That I can do ANY task I do not feel like doing. That I can defeat procrastination. It’s really a miracle, and I will not claim it as anything short of that. As an ADHD-preneur this is really really powerful. Many days I’ve sat depressed because I could not motivate myself. Finally I can say (along with the help of friends who consistently told me to believe in myself) that lack of motivation is not going to be a reality. FM gives me that confidence. And I’m not saying anything is a cure-all.

If you have not tried Focusmate out you need to watch the 30-second video on the site and trust me and just try it out.

I don’t want the website to overshadow our entrepreneur of the month. A big well-deserved congratulations for winning our May Dreampreneur award to Mr. Taylor Jacobson.

To make it clear – He is NOT winning the award just because he is an entrepreneur who executed such a needed idea for ADHD’ers like myself (or really, any entrepreneur without a set office schedule structure). But also because HOW he runs his business, and his professionalism. That he cares.

And THAT is what truly will take him to the next level as a successful entrepreneur. Empathy. Combine that with smarts and you got something massive on your hands.

One case exemplifying why I respect him – was the first real interaction I had with him. One day I was exhausted – really not even enough energy to come in to a FM session to say hello. I was going to message my partner and apologize that I could not make it. But instead, I come into the session because I felt bad to explain  personally on mic to the person the situation and wish him well with his productivity session. But I feel so bad that I stay. Yet, at the end of the session, he reported me: “late”: though he didn’t seem to have any problem when I was talking to him.

Hotheadly I sent over an email to Taylor – he calmly responds , sympathizes, and removes the report from my file without even a blink. I did not expect that as most people will not give you the benefit of the doubt these days. But Taylor has great customer service skills and wants EVERYONE to genuinely be happy. A truly rare quality in our business world. Open-minded & wants to know your experience. He ended the email with, asking me beyond this, ‘what has been my experience with the site’, and he patiently responded to all my feedback and took them into consideration for future updates of the site. Despite probably having 100+ other emails to answer that day.

When I come up with a great idea, I sometimes get protective, defensive, or act like a know-it-all. It is clear FocusMate will continue to evolve into massive massive scale as he knows the important, widely acknowledged yet underrated skill of really listening and acting on what you’re hearing. We all hear about “MVP”. Here it is in perfect execution.

I seriously urge you to try out the platform. Here’s a blog post on what the power users say & how they get the most out of it. As a fellow marketer, I respect his email marketing and the consistency of it as well.

Example of dope & simple mail campaign  -> Which got me to clickthrough & find the above article.

The email marketing consistency reminds you of the importance of re-engaging users who once committed to your website, signed up, but may have forgotten to try it out. I’ve seen clever campaigns designed to do so. Such campaigns have sparked an interest in mine to develop more engaging copy.

The most brilliant way I’ve seen the site being used is for us homepreneurs to use it to wake up. Yes, wake up. One FocusMater I met – a friendly pleasant woman in her 50s (who visually looks the opposite of me) started waking up at 8:30 instead of 10:30, for example. When you create a session you don’t want to be the a-hole that disappoints another human, ruining their productivity session so you MAKE SURE you show up. This artificially simulates the same situation you have of coming into a workplace. You have accountability of a boss seeing if you are there. So you can wake up pretty much whenever you want. This is the trick. And it’s actually how I first heard about the website – someone else doing this exact same strategy. I got a free ‘accountability partner’ from a site called “GetMotivatedBuddies”, and that person mentioned Focusmate to me. I was skeptical, but checked out the 30-second intro video and had to try it.

Anyway, sensitive entrepreneurs like the person who told me about the site, or the aforementioned 50 year old woman – who are happy to delay tasks by 5 hours or til infinity, left to our lonesome – will be showing up RIGHT on time, consistently because of the nature of not wanting to disappoint. Also, a little because no one wants to be reported as a poor partner, and potentially be banned. lol.

If you ask anyone in my life, what they first think of when they think of Shawn – it’s someone who is late (and a good guy). But not anymore

It’s quite amazing when you got an online stranger friend basically betting on your success.  And that’s exactly what happens when they book a session with you.

Best of luck to Taylor, and congrats again!

If you end up enjoying the service, consider joining the many people already on a subscription donation payment per month, in their appreciation for the tool. You can do so, also on this newly created Patreon page, and get discounts for when the site goes premium in about 6-9 months.

The like-minded people. Seeing how many people are exactly like you – and the Facebook community are two other bonuses I was not expecting from this goldmine. I’ve had sessions that have extended to hours because we just want to get shit done, and have been looking for accountability partners forever.

Thank you again to Taylor.

Looking forward to keep up with this success & the many in your future.


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