Miss BE: March Entrepreneur of the Month

I want to highlight a friend and a favorite life coach. I apologize for this article not being super professional. Living by the model of “Done is better than perfect” in this time. I have brain fog. But Miss BE aka Bianca Gambrah is a person/coach I admire highly and I want to highlight her, as she’s a Hero of the Quarantine times . And people can benefit from going to her events. Let’s be honest we all need some help in this time.

Every Monday she has been doing prayer calls at 8 PM since way before this all-started. I was lucky enough to be able to tune in two Mondays back and it was just what I needed to hear to replenish the soul.

There will be another one this Monday and the Monday following if you see this article too late. The calls are free, anyone can tune in, and make prayer requests as well. She runs workshops and conferences. Including one this Saturday on breaking cycles. The online workshop is at an incredible price, usually her conferences are in New York and you won’t find it at this price nearly.

Breaking the Cycle is a 2-Hour virtual workshop that supports both men and women in shifting their generational narratives of dysfunction such as negative self-talk, addictions, negative mindset, trauma, self-sabotaging ways and much more, etc. Many of the cycles and patterns in your life have been repeating themselves for generations within your family. Although it did not start with you, they can end with you. Are you willing to be a Cycle Breaker?

So it covers self-talk, and things we all go through or need to go through to heal or mend relationships. But of course you cannot perfect your relationships if you haven’t worked honestly on yourself enough — so if you are IN this healing phase of working on yourself I especially recommend the work of Miss BE and her workshops. To step up in this time of need is the sign of a brave warrior. Respect to you BE. And for everyone else, if you want healing come on the prayer call tonight. You can message me or email Miss BE here for information as the Zoom info is not public.

To learn more about Bianca, I really enjoyed this article on her at the “IamAfricanAndICan” blog (Such a good blog name) . Also again on her website at http://www.MissBE.Org

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