NLiteN Takes Over The World One Tree At A Time

No I’m not talking about the recently legalized plant that Snoop Dogg has been passing out to his fans at concerts for years.

But the things that uproot from the ground.

It’s an honor to feature NLiteN and have him choose Dreampreneurs as the people to debut his story on his Marijuana-Free Tree Music Tour (not the real tour name)

Well, not “people” – it’s just me. Anyway:

His tour didn’t start off with this concept – that he would help restore the planet [one tree at a time] on each of his stops from L.A to Boston. It came along with the story — that you’ll see from him quoted below. I love what he’s doing with “NLiteN vs the World” (the real tour name): twisting it into a positive concept. Pretty much : it represents spreading positivity in a world where we may be heading in the complete opposite way as a mainstream.  I’m a fan of him as a person, entrepreneur, he does all his own website work, promotion, sales, and he’s just a badass kind gentle warm humble human being.

Enough with the adjectives – let me quote you what he’s doing. I hope you support someone so deserving of support as him. Boston-bred , and whom had the gall to uproot & move to Los Angeles at a young age where most musicians would be scared out of their mind.

He seems to follow his heart – and its infectious the way he inspires you to do the same if you just spend a few moments with him. The Wreck Shop Movement featured him recently for our “Subway Cipher” series and he was the most gracious producer we had since our return.

The story:

Okay …

This came together when i decided that I wanted this tour to have a solid philanthropic aspect. I thought…how can I show up in 30 regions in the world over 5 months and mosh, dance, party but, when its time to leave, have left each region in a better state than when i first got there? Rare lol 

It was inspired by an argument I got into with my roommates…lol. We were debating that the world is full of liar and cheaters; that is just the way the world has operated and will always operate. Weirdly, when i suggested that the world was not beyond finding a way to be true and fair, EVERYONE ganged up on me to tell me…fair…was impossible. So, being an stubborn and imaginative, i retreated to the music world to create a work that shared my perspective: N v. W (NliteN vs. The World). 



White Market

Good Company



Judgement Day


Common Sense

In these songs I reference the LA SMOG CLOUD as a physical representation proving that our current culture/habits are fucked and are leading us towards trashing our whole shit (planet, air quality, etc). And then the idea popped up to plant the trees, my homie did some research and connected me with OneTreePlanted (OTP), and they recommended i pair the merch items with a donation to plant a new tree and BOOM! When i FaceTimed the rep from OTP and asked her if it was possible to do something about the smog cloud, she was like yup! Enough trees and LA could breathe non-toxic air and we could also reforest a bunch of other regions in the US/Canada…simple.

I really just think it’s lit to have a ton of people buying into the idea because it doesn’t take much to do. And it also be cool to have a forest to go along with some awesome music & moshpits hahaha <3 


Here’s a great example story of what One Tree Planted does (i.e planting 24,000 trees in Haiti, India and Kenya!). It’s great to see such a young emcee incorporating philanthropy into their mission statement – and we hope it’s a trend he inspires many to adopt through this episode of N v W!

Make sure you check his latest album Fuck. below if you have not! Catchy as f***. I’m most obsessed with “Magazines” and his performance on the chorus.

And make sure you stay tuned for the tour from April to August on the below link as his email outro shows!


Thank you Lite aka Jordan sir for this opportunity and for lighting up the world with your positivity!! Many more years of success, and love to be shared among your burgeoning fanbase. We’re looking forward to seeing it grow together! <3



(Photo Creds: Grace Gullick)

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