Quarantine Super-Hero of the Week: William Wallace

I’d like to recognize my brother (not by blood) William Wallace (Patten) as the quarantine SuperHero of the Week for Dreampreneurs. He’s actually (realizing this as I’m writing) I remember one of the few O.G Dreampreneurs that showed up to our events, the first in-person sessions. Just a good dude.

As his company he is working for transforms into a full-fledged organization to help people and families in this pandemic time I’m recognizing him. Putting his life on the line for the good of people and the community. And doing it happily. These are the “Covid heroes” I’d like to recognize. Those that seem to be Born to do the work when its most important. Rising to the occasion.

Respect to all the health workers & people on the front line. I can’t do that. Nope. So my job is to recognize those who can. Salute

He is someone I’ve always looked up to & always seems to be growing, looking for what’s next. What can I do to “top that?”. Accepting challenges that arise, and most importantly giving 100% and kicking ass. Proud of you bro.

This article doesn’t do much to cover the full impact of what he’s doing but I was inspired by what he posted below and hearing also over the phone some of his work and the attitude he brings to it – so that I was inspired to post this. Congrats! 

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