Quarantine SuperHero of the Week: Sarah McDonald

Congratulations to Sarah McDonald of Focused Gainz, winning our quarantine superhero of the week award. I’m nominating her for being visible in this time of uncertainty and motivating others, by example, to get in and keep in good shape at this time. Showing us it’s possible. Stepping up. Leading with happiness showing you can still be amping UP your fitness PLUS entrepreneur activity in this time.

Though I believe it’s no pressure.

Any of my fellow dreampreneurs probably aren’t putting much pressure on themself at this time because you know mental health is first. This is completely new to us all. We’re just, improvising, there’s two choices for quarantine time. Use it and control what you can control. Or sulk. For me, it’s like 1 day meh, and next day I’m doing entrepreneur activity and feeling good. But we do need to establish habits and routines that support our fitness, and immune system in this time, to at least maintain a baseline.

Also for me I have a calendar where I decide if each day is a “W” or an “L” or a M for Meh/Medium . For April, quarantine time I decided that every day is a friggin win, because you’re getting through such an awkward time. It feels good every night putting a “W” up on that wall.

That plus writing what I’m grateful for on my “wall of positivity” . I put 3 things daily on sticky notes that I’m grateful for and hang it on my wall. The small things are what counts. Whatever works for you in this time is important. Don’t do things that are TOO uncomfortable if that’ll give you extra anxiety. But do take inventory of *Everything* you’ve ever done for self-care and try to get back on those familiar things that help you. You are the best knower of yourself. It’s about every day competing with yourself and yourself only, can you beat the best version of yourself in a new area today, or beat your version of the self from yesterday in one area?

Sarah is offering many virtual classes at this time, even for free. Donation-based. You can leave your email on the instagram post here for access

I like her Work at home – fitness video. And the fact she’s doing meditation & yoga. Hopefully she does more events for workout newbies.

Also follow her on Facebook here.

And Remember what she said about choice!

Take care all, and don’t be hard on yourself. Stay off social media as much as possible. Please comment if you’d like on what’s working for you in this quarantime! Or one thing you feel you need to work on & what your first step is.


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