Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Frankian

Ashley Frankian : Teacher Spotlight

Dreampreneurs Teacher Spotlight presents : Ashley Frankian

Today I’d like to recognize my Spanish teacher of adult education Ms Ashley Frankian for being an inspiring hard-working role model and teacher in my life! She has been professionally teaching from K-12 for over 17 years

I signed up for her class in February and she is so dedicated to her students & making sure they are learning. And this award also recognizes her bravery / willingness in exploring new tools & teaching/technology methodologies as we moved online (and we were using WhatsApp prior to the Corona shutdown.)

But, since moving we have had our classes on Google Hangouts and Ms. Frankian has also figured out website developing tools for us such as BublUp to help enrich our experience, all from her PHONE. Now to me, thats the definition of dedication.

Successfully running your class & keeping them informed from an Android! I would not dare try. And this was done out of necessity of course because the school-provided computers did not work.

So kudos. And again I’d like to congratulate Ashley & thank her for her dedication to her students myself and everyone she teaches!

You can feel the enthusiasm in the way she talks about teaching, ESL, for example, and just the way she interacts with the classroom.

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